Savile Row

Amaa Fashion
PATTAYA (Thailand)
YES YES Individually cut pattern by hand.
YES YES Made entirely by hand – machine stitching is for strengthening only.
YES YES Hand felled linings – machine stitching is for durablity.
YES YES Floating canvass – for added shape and durability.
YES YES Hand-basted canvas fronts using Italian soft hair canvas.
YES YES Arm hole lining eased and hand felled
YES YES Hand – stitched front button holes and left lapel button
YES YES Slanted breast welt pocket.
YES YES Linen used to reinforce pockets and gorge.
YES YES Hand prick-stitched vent and front edge.
YES YES Soft shoulder padding to create a natural slopping line and comfort.
YES YES Sewn on individual sewing machines.
YES YES Hand basted and hand rolled lapels.
YES YES Extra deep pockets & passport pocket with flap security.
YES YES Hand sewn shoulders, using only the finest silk thread for stability.
YES YES All button holes are hand stemmed.
YES YES Individually shaped and sewn jacket lining.


Savile Row

Amaa Fashion
PATTAYA (Thailand)
YES YES Half-lined to the knees for comfort and durability.
YES YES Gripper installed in waistband so that shirts does not come out of the trouser if tucked in.
YES YES Extra deep pockets made from cotton.
YES YES Handmade external button hole.
YES YES Buttons sewn by hand in cross-stitch.


Jermyn Street

Amaa Fashion
PATTAYA (Thailand)
YES YES Single needle stitching for a natural stretch.
YES YES 18 stitches per inch for best quality bespoke shirt.
YES YES Matching shoulder and sleeves for elegance.
YES YES Reinforced side seam stitching.
YES YES Button holes have over 200 stitches.
YES YES Mother of pearl buttons for durability.
YES YES Fused collar and cuff.
YES YES Personalized monogram.
YES YES Proper tail length.
YES YES Buttons attached with crisscross stitching for maximum strength.
YES YES Perfectly balanced collar shape for elegance,comfort and flexibility.