Pattaya is a famous tourist destination and is visited by countless numbers of tourists every year.
There is a vibrant nightlife, great restaurants and beaches where people can relax or have fun. What
is also interesting about Pattaya is that it is home to one of the finest tailors in all of Thailand. All too
often, people think that to get a great quality suit requires a visit to Bangkok, but nothing could be
further from the truth. With Ama Fashion, you have a tailor that not only provides excellent quality
bespoke clothing at a reasonable price, but you also have a tailor that is welcoming, friendly and
highly skilled at finding the style and fabrics that are just right. Established over 20 years ago, Ama
Fashion has carefully crafted a reputation that has seen them become number one, not only in the
eyes of local visitors, but also with tourists the world over.

At Ama Fashion, it is the small details that matter. Their knowledgeable stylists are more than happy
to share a drink and converse about your style choices, fabric requirements and everything else
related to tailoring. Measurements taken by their team are always accurate, and always result in
clothing that fits absolutely perfectly. It is rare that their work requires more than a couple of
fittings, but Ama Fashion will always offer as many as required to ensure the customer feels
completely satisfied. The end result, however, is always the same – a suit and shirts that look great,
feel comfortable, and simply enhances the profile of the wearer.

Ama Fashion suits are crafted using premium materials. Their jacket lining, for example, is made
exclusively with imported Japanese Bemberg lining thus ensuring maximum comfort for the wearer.
Their suits also use a floating canvas, allowing greater freedom of movement and an overall better
fit that adjusts well to movement.

If you find yourself planning a visit to Pattaya, it is well worth your time to pay a visit to Ama
Fashion, as it is quite simply the best bespoke tailor in Pattaya.